Accessorize Your Truck With Nerf Bars


If you are considering updating your SUV or truck, you can purchase a variety of accessories to customize your ride. The Nerf bar is currently among the most popular accessories among truck and SUV owners. You are likely to be amazed by how much this simple accessory can improve the look of your entire vehicle.

It may be possible that you are unfamiliar with Nerf bars. If you are, all you need to know is that a Nerf bar is a creative description for a traditional side step or running board. The typical bar is a tube made of metal that attaches to the side of a truck. Other names you may be more familiar with are sport bars, tube steps and step bars.

Nerf bars are designed to add visual appeal to the exterior of any truck and are available in a variety of finishes, including aluminum, black powder coat, polished stainless steel and chrome. Bars come in many different styles such as wheel-to-wheel, retractable side steps, cab-length and oval step bars allowing you to choose the design that best suits your vehicle’s profile. With so many options to choose from, you can find a Nerf bar that is just right for you regardless of your vehicle’s make, model, or year. Side steps come in handy because they offer a secure place to step when you are entering and exiting the vehicle.

A Nerf bar is as functional as it is attractive. When you have a running board, you can more easily access the bed of the truck because you have something to stand on. You will also have an easier time loading cargo on a utility rack or on the roof because you have a third step to access. A side step offers good access to the bed and roof when it is time to wash your vehicle. It’s location offers protection for the truck body from dents. The textured rubber pads offer secure grip even in bad weather

Nerf bars will instantly improve the appearance of your truck. You should be aware that installing them may affect your vehicle’s ground clearance. Different bars have different widths, so the style you choose will determine how much it affects the ground clearance. If your truck has a lift kit, you will not have a problem. If you drive an SUV or your truck is lowered, you may have an issue. Only a full size truck rides high enough to accommodate 4-inch Nerf bars.

Running board suppliers manufacture their products for a specific make, year and model. This allows the consumers to install the piece without any problems. They do not have to drill any holes because the piece attaches to existing holes in the frame or body. Most people can complete the installation process in under an hour using a ratchet set, screwdrivers and other common hand tools. A retractable side step or some other intricate design may require more time and some minor drilling for proper installation.

When choosing a Nerf bar, consider your purpose. Sport tubes are a good option if you are just looking to enhance the appearance. A running board with wide tubing is a better choice if you want to take advantage of the piece’s functionality.

Installing the right Nerf bar on your vehicle is an affordable way to accessorize your ride.

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